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A typical day

08:00 >> Well rested after a great nights sleep in an enormous luxury bed you put on your slippers and your warm fluffy robe and step out onto your balcony, the view of the Point de Nyon in the morning sun is simply stunning.

08:30 >> After a refreshing shower you head for a breakfast of your choice. Today you decide on sausage, bacon, poached eggs on toast and a double espresso. As you finish your coffee sat on the enormous comfy sofa you check out the weather forecast on WIFI – following a cool start temperatures are set to reaching the mid 20’s this afternoon- it’s looking good.

10:00 >> Your cycling kit is ready to go , freshly laundered. On with the gilet and arm warmers, a quick once over of the bike, all is well we  head out of town over the Col d’Encrenaz. Into Essert Romand, the roads are quiet and we start the 6km ascent, we quickly settle down into a steady pace as we pass through La Cote D’Abroz and the final push up to the Col. Remember to refill your water bottle from the mountain spring. You are now thoroughly warmed up as you check out your time for the 503m ascent.

11:00>> Back on with the gilet and armer warmers, for the fast descent through Rond down to Taninges, classic quiet alpine back roads through  meadows with views of snow capped peaks. At Taninges we regroup for the short flat section down to Mieussy where we easily cruise at 30km/hour as we take our turns on the front.

11:30>> Time to lose the excess clothing as we reach the marker for the start of the Col de Ramaz. This is an alpine classic 14km with 960m ascent averaging 6.9% with a maximum of 10.2%. Made famous in 2003 Tour de France by Richard Virenque when he secured the yellow jersey and won the stage into Morzine. The climb progressively becomes steeper and the tantalising view of the tunnel section can be seen for a long time until you finally approach it, The gradient at the tunnel section is the hardest and you will have to dig deep but as you exit the gradient slackens and you can relax a little before you reach the large bowl of Sommand ski resort. Here the gradient eases and you can enjoy the panorama and read the grafitti left from previous tours as you circumvent the bowl before the final push to the Col de Ramaz. Check out the stats, have you beaten the hour?

13:00>> Following the obligatory celibrations and photographs at the Col we cruise down into Praz de Lys and meet up with the driver and minibus for a light picnic lunch.

14:00>> A fast and furious descent to the Pont de Gets before turning and heading for home climbing 200m over the Col des Gets.

15:00>> Back at the chalet, afternoon tea is served. You have a choice of teas and some delicious home baking – you try and save some space for dinner! A snooze is next on the agenda followed by a little pampering. You take a relaxing bath then on with your slippers and robe and off to the sauna. Next a bracing dash to the spa where you relax in the tranquil surrounds. There is still time for that relaxing massage and soon those aching limbs are a distant memory.

19:15>> At the bar, refreshed by an aperitif (and one of those yummy canapés) you regale your days events with your friends and family. A comfy chair by the roaring log fire beckons, where you watch the sun setting over the Pleney. The morning seems a lifetime ago. What a day!

19:30>> Dinner is served, your wine selection is ready and chilled to perfection, conversation turns to the Col de Ramz. Everyone is in agreement that it doesn’t get much better than that! The food is delicious, the chef on hand to give you a few tips and your appetite is finally satisfied, although maybe there is some space for a bit more dessert…

21:30>> You head back to the lounge for a post-dinner digestif. There is a film on TV and your friends are snuggled up on the enormous comfy sofas but the promise of tomorrow is too much. It’s time to head for bed and a couple more pages of that novel, if you can keep awake.